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marți, 31 iulie 2012

Probably, the electric charge is variable mass

With all the courage needed, I will attempt here to formulate a strange hypothesis, that I do not know if he ever looked at someone: electric charge is variable mass in time. More specifically, if a body mass decreases in time, agree that it is electrically charged positively, and if a body mass increases in time, agree that it is electrically charged negative.

This is what explains this hypothesis:
-1). Large bodies are electrically neutral because they have a higher inertia to change in mass. We have a greater chance to find the light bodies with electric charges, because their mass can vary rapidly.
-2). Hot bodies are good electrons emitters and cold bodies are good recipients electrons.

We know that the variation of mass is equivalent to the energy variation and change in energy equals power and power is equivalent to the scalar product of force and velocity. That said, explained further:
-3). The electron in the hydrogen atom does not radiate energy because that is void of power, his speed is perpendicular to the force.
-4). Atoms emit rather negative charges because the power of the bodies leaving the atom is negative (scalar product of force and velocity is negative in this case).
-5). Atmospheric electrical phenomena occur because water droplets power is not zero. Those climbs are negatively charged and positively charged ones are down.
-6). Pioneer anomaly can be explained by the fact that its power is not zero in solar system, but rather, is negative and its mass increases the heat received from the Sun. Being negatively charged from the Sun which is positively charged (because its mass decreases over time), appear an additional force to gravity.
-7). Lightning is observed among Saturn's rings due to falling boulders to Saturn or the moving away from Saturn.
-8). Electric charge is a relativistic invariant because it is the ratio of two parameters that both transform the same as compared with other observers (both mass and time increase with speed).

So that is what crossed my mind at the moment. Is it enough to put you and you thought? If so, please tell your opinion using your comments here. Thank you!

Note: this is an approximate translation obtained with the great help of the Google Translate of the previous material from Romanian.

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