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joi, 22 noiembrie 2012

Equivalent forms of the one postulate of helicoidal Physics

Following in-depth analysis carried on my forum by means of dear users in the dedicated topic, I concluded that the luxon's postulate has several equivalent forms.

Yet, I found the following equivalent form:

-1). All bodies in the Universe are the speed of light in vacuum.

From 1) it follows that:

-2). No body in the universe can be at rest in any reference system.
This postulate is equivalent to the first because if you can not be at rest in any observer, then you have to move at the speed of light in vacuum to any observer.

Also, since 1) it follows that:
-3). In the Universe there is nothing but luxons.
Conversely, if no more than luxons, means that everything in the Universe is moving at the speed of light in vacuum, and hence of 3) result 1).

If in the universe there is only luxons, then no rest mass, so of 3) follows:
-4). Matter is completely hollow inside (ie contains only field, ie no substance, only fields).
Conversely, if there is only field where, then no rest mass and then result 2).

Of 3), as the speed value can not be changed, that can not be changed just the direction of the speed, ie:
-5). All possible interactions do nothing than distort trajectories.
Conversely, if you can not change anything other than directions that the value of the speed remains constant, and it can not be other than the speed of light in vacuum, thus resulting 3).

I wish you success in applying these interesting proposals!

Note: this is an approximate translation obtained with the great help of the Google Translate of the previous material from Romanian.

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