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vineri, 28 septembrie 2012

Properties of the characteristic straight line

Here's just what I think about the physical meanings of the characteristic straight line of trajectories:

-1). Any free body moves so that its characteristic straight line of his trajectory is constant. To be able to change the characteristic straight line of his trajectory you must to act with force. Transition from one characteristic straight line to another is done right with jumps (corresponding quantified in quantum mechanics).
-2). All bodies in a system have the same characteristic straight line. For example, all bodies in the solar system have the same characteristic straight line just the straight line which moves the Sun (more rigorously, the center of mass of the solar system).
-3). On the plastic collision of two bodies produce the unification of the characteristic straight lines of the trajectories of these bodies. So a system bodies are plastic collided.

What do you think?

Note: this is an approximate translation obtained with the great help of the Google Translate of the previous material from Romanian.

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